The Rev. Tripp Prince

Associate Rector

Christians are life-long learners. Accepting Jesus into our lives is only the beginning of a life-long relationship with the Savior that completely transforms our hearts and renews our minds.

As disciples of Christ, we have an opportunity every day to learn from Him. Christ Church has always believed this. Adult Ministry is committed to helping our congregation grow, deepen, and discover more and more of the goodness and glory of God. We labor, as the great Apostle Paul felt about his own churches, “until Christ be formed in you” (Galatians 4:19).

In every work—our parenting, our careers, our friendships, our giving and service—we can shine as lights to a busy, unbelieving world. Get equipped for your Christian work by participating in our ministries for adults:

  • Studies. Explore your questions about life and faith, learn practical skills, or find healing and support in the company of friends.
  • Groups. Seek friendships and find community centered on mutual love, encouragement, prayer, and generosity to others.
  • Events. Participate in the life of the church through our events: discover our great God and share Him with someone you know.

Though weekly worship is the cornerstone for the life of a Christian, engaging in mid-week courses, groups, and events will further enrich and inspire your discipleship to Christ.

Adult Ministry

Our courses, groups, and events prepare Christian adults for every aspect of discipleship to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Adult Ministry provides numerous spiritual resources for you and your family. Browse our ministry offerings to find new ways grow in your faith, build relationships with other, and share your faith and joy with the world.

  • Expand your knowledge of scripture in one of our Bible studies.
  • Connect with your church family by participating in a home group.
  • Celebrate the goodness and grandeur of God in a concert or sacred service.
  • Give and receive care and support in the midst of life's challenges.
  • Put your faith into action locally and around the world through our mobilization events.