Men's Activities

Updated for Spring 2016

OnPoint Men's Bible Study

Meets on Tuesday mornings, 7 - 8 a.m.
Meetings resume on January 12, 2016

Fr. David Roseberry and the clergy of Christ Church invite you to join this critical study on 1st Corinthians.

1st Corinthians is one of the most exhilarating letters in the New Testament. Paul faced a real challenge planting a church in the city of Corinth, a city experiencing cultural divisions not unlike those we face in our global society today. Power struggles. Religious rifts. Sexual sin. Pride. Hypocrisy. Marriage. Singleness. Rights. Wrongs. The list goes on. The Apostle Paul’s approach to these questions of life and faith is a model to us. He leads a people struggling with division to a place of strength and unity. He shows how Christ holds all things together.

We will present the sweeping themes of Paul’s teaching alongside verse-by-verse exposition, allowing time for table interaction. By the end of the study, participants will grasp the significance of Paul’s New Testament ministry. They will also possess practical tools for engaging culture with the Gospel of Christ which changes us one by one, heart by heart, and life by life.

No registration required.

Ringleaders Men's Marriage Class

Meets on Wednesday evenings, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Meetings begin on February 17, 2016

RingLeaders is an 8-session class designed to help married men strengthen their role as husbands through practical wisdom and spiritual growth.

As men, we are called by God to be leaders in our marriage. Since many wives seem more adept in dealing with relationships, husbands often feel overwhelmed by this responsibility, or even ignore it altogether. RingLeaders addresses this imbalance by providing a forum for husbands to learn the foundational truths about marriage and gain practical skills in caring for their wives. Thereby, Christian husbands will:

  • Learn the spiritual reality of marriage
  • Be nurtured and equipped in their natural desire to lead
  • Grow in Christian discipleship
  • Deepen the relationship with their wives
  • Find bonds of fellowship and accountability with other men.

Led by Dr. Ken Kilgus and Fr. Jeff Rawn. Dr. Ken Wilgus holds a PhD in Psychology and has practiced family and marriage therapy for 20 years. He and his wife, Sally, have been married since 1982. The Rev. Jeff Rawn serves as the Director of Marriage Ministry at Christ Church Plano. He and his wife, Cinde, were married in 1980.

Register By Email

To register, contact The Rev. Jeff Rawn at or call his office at 214-291-5058. RingLeaders costs $20 for class materials.

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