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Complaining to God

Posted on February 6, 2017

Did you know you can complain to God?

Maybe you’re not the complaining type. But we all have our moments. And of course if all you are doing is complaining, you might want to take stock.

But if you never complain to God, why not? Is it because you never have anything bugging you? (Ha.) Or perhaps it seems unseemly to give the Almighty an earful about what you, a mere mortal, think is unfair?

The Psalmists repeatedly say, “I will pour out my complaint before You!” They show the human heart as a messy, sloshing, overbrimming thing that so often just needs to be poured out—not politely or piously bottled up. Whatever’s going on with you this week, try thinking of "Complaining Prayer" as a necessary part of relationship with Him, a gesture of trust that more often than not in the Psalms becomes part of the ability to truly say “I will praise Him with my whole heart."

There are things that happen to all of us that don’t make any sense. From petty annoyances to disasters, it can be hard to find someone to completely “let your hair down” with. But I assure you that the Lord is one of those people. In fact, He’s the only person who can continue listening even after you’ve run out of words, and He can then speak His Word more fully into the heart you’ve just poured out.

Amber Noel
Associate Director of Student Ministry


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