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First Full Week Observing a Holy Lent

Posted on March 6, 2017

Welcome to the first full week observing a Holy Lent. Let's riff on three themes Fr. Taylor laid out in the last newsletter:

Repent. I often misdiagnose my sins. Do you?

If I've gained a few pounds, do I have a problem with gluttony? If my desires are going haywire, am I lustful? If I love promotions or own acres of clothing, am I greedy? Maybe.

Or maybe I can go deeper. Maybe I've been slothful with my calling, so I fill the gap with vacations and promotions, neighborhood drama, and clothes. Maybe I've never grown close to God, out of fear or anger, and so my desire for Him is spilling over into places that cannot meet that need. Maybe I think I "eat too much" because of vanity or pride: I'm not yet humble enough to see my own value as God's limited and frail, yet supremely treasured, creature.

The key to Lenten repentance is this: Finding something good, laying it aside temporarily, and asking God to show you where your sin and fraility truly are. That's where His grace is longing to meet you.

Pray. If you haven't begun Lent † Daily yet, subscribe to the online version here »

Give. Consider joining us at Bonton this Friday.

Blessings as you journey,

Amber Noel
Associate Director of Student Ministry


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