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What Children Learn

Posted on March 13, 2017

I am thumbing through some prayer requests provided by your sweet children. You might think they would pray for toys or the next new video game console or some other trivial requests, but these kids go deeper.

They are asking for prayer for their parents and grandparents, healing for those who are ill, regrets for not obeying (it's true!), praises for friendships, petitions for tests, help for friends whose parents are divorcing. One even thanked God for helping him confess his sins. Another thanked God for giving her life. Even at this young age, these children have deep concerns and real praises to bring to the Lord.

As I look over their prayer needs, I am filled with gratitude that these children are turning to God. Train them young to trust in Him. Walk through the disciplines of Lent together. Help them grow in their faith by leaning on God with the troubles and joys that come their way.

Some of what children learn at this age will not be important for many years to come—but growing in their faith will change their lives even today. We are blessed in Children’s Ministry to get to partner with you in training up your child in the faith.

Angela Rotello
Director of Children's Ministry


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