DNOW 2017

Sign up for Student Ministry's most exciting weekend spiritual retreat, Disciple Now. Join us for worship, teaching, workshops, and small group sharing with parishioner families and college leaders.


Easily our most popular event of the year, DNOW combines the exciting atmosphere of a weekend spiritual retreat with overnight homestays. Worship, teaching, workshops, and a fun outing happen at the church and offsite, while overnights and small group prayer-and-share times happen in parishioner homes with families and college leaders. This year, DNOW will also help prepare students for the season of Lent and challenge them to their own Lenten practice, paralleling the Adult Lenten Retreat.

Our theme is “Seek First: Finding God Where You Are.” We’ll take a close look at Jesus’ rich words in the Sermon on the Mount, when he asks us three questions: “Where is your treasure?”, “Who do you serve?” and “Why are you anxious?” He doesn’t ask these questions to people expecting them to detach from the world, but to live in the middle of things differently, peacefully, and with trust.

Often students want to know God more deeply, but feel sucked in by pressures, squeezed by commitments and schedules. Is that God’s best for us? And so we ask: Why should we live breathless, with a pace so fast we rush right past this Mount where Jesus preaches God’s better news? Let’s take a weekend and listen.

By the end of DNOW, for those wanting to celebrate Lent, each student will be challenged to develop a custom-made Lenten fast or practice that makes sense for their own unique place in life. We can’t promise that a retreat will solve all our young people's problems, but we do believe, and are praying, that it will teach them to slow down, simplify, and hear a little better the voice of the Holy Spirit telling them where their real priorities and their true value lie.

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Date and Time

Drop off at 6:30 p.m. on Friday

Returns for the 11 a.m. Sanctuary Service

Meets at

Archgate Center Youth Café