12th Grade Passage

Seniors are on the cusp of an extremely influential and exciting stage of life. High school is rapidly drawing to a close and adulthood is on the horizon. We know that they will be faced with many big decisions about their future. There is one decision we would like them to consider now, and that is are they spiritually prepared for the transition? Statistics tell us:

  • Approximately 45% of graduating seniors significantly struggle with their faith and with finding a church after high school.
  • Only 1 in 6 college freshmen report feeling well prepared by their youth groups for what they encounter after graduation.

These numbers tell a story that we plan not to perpetuate at Christ Church. For this reason, Student Ministry has designed a course to prepare our graduating seniors called 12th Grade Passage. This course is the culmination of a student’s journey at Christ Church. It brings together the most important tools they have practiced in our ministry and acclimates them to the ideological, social, and spiritual challenges of adult life.

Will, a current college student, had this to say about the course: “12th Grade Passage was the best way I could spend the last semester of high school as it prepared me for this major life transition. I have felt so much better prepared for the challenge of living on my own because of what we discussed in the class.”

During this 10 week course, we will provide them with practical tools to help them think about what it will mean to be a Christian either in college or in their career. We’ll cover topics like:

  • Finding a new church
  • Struggling with worry, fear, and doubt in a new place
  • The “party scene” and using your new found freedom wisely
  • Interacting with intellectual obstacles to faith and world religions

In our experience working with high school and college students, we have found that the students who were best able to navigate the college years were those students who could articulate the basics of their faith, had regular habits of prayer or Scripture reading, and were supported by a Christian community. Thus, 12th Grade Passage is not just another teaching moment, but is characterized by absorbing discussion with peers and adult mentors (articulation), concrete ways of engaging with biblical truth (spiritual habits), and opportunities to share about this next stage of life with other 12th graders (community).

Class Times

  • 12th Grade @ Sundays 9:15 a.m. during the spring semester
Staff Contact

The Rev. Taylor Ishii

Director of Student Ministry