Baptism and Confirmation are both ancient rites of the Church welcoming an individual into a lifelong commitment to the Faith.

In the Anglican Church, we find Confirmation helpful in giving those who were baptized at a younger age an opportunity to make a public profession of faith. Candidates for Confirmation, before they can receive the rite, have to show that they willingly embrace the faith of Christ. And how do they do that? They study the wisdom and traditions of the faith and join the life of the local church in worship, community, and service.

At the end of each school year, 8th grade students who have completed all their requirements for Confirmation may decide to become Confirmed in a public ceremony.

7-8th Grade Essentials Class. Whether or not your student is pursuing Confirmation, this is a great class to join. It is open to all 7-8th graders, good for community building, and different every year. It surveys Biblical and Christian doctrine through a two-year cycle (and doubles as a Confirmation requirement for those interested). The course engages history, the arts, world events, and devotional life to help guide middle school students through though questions of faith, doubt, identity, relationships, and God’s presence in the world today.

Class Times

  • 7-8th Grade @ Sundays 11 a.m.

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Staff Contact

Amber Noel

Associate Director of Student Ministry