Christ Church provides a safe, enriched, and nurturing environment for our youngest children so that parents may fully participate in church worship, education, and special events.

The nursery provides professional childcare for newborns and toddlers (ages 0-3).

We expect the nursery to be a place where infants through PreK experience the love of God by feeling secure, resting, playing, and learning.

Location and Availability

The nursery is located in the Fellowship Hall lobby, opposite the main sanctuary.

Nursery is available for all regular worship services. Childcare is often available for major events and on-campus groups and courses.

When You Visit

On arrival, children are checked in to the nursery via a secure computer check-in system and given a printed label that includes their name, allergies, and a unique number that will match a label given to the parents. Parents must have the corresponding label with them in when picking up their children. Parents may also leave their cell phone number with the nursery so we may reach you if necessary.

  • Each child will be welcomed into a developmentally appropriate room with at least two professional adult staff members.
  • All staff are trained in CPR, Pediatric First Aid, and Safe Church abuse prevention policies.
  • Classrooms are continually evaluated for cleanliness and safety.
Staff Contact

Mary Lawrence

Nursery Director